Why GreeneStone Muskoka Gets Such Positive Reviews

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The addiction treatment programs at GreeneStone Muskoka have garnered many positive reviews from residents who have successfully completed a stay. It also receives good reviews from the friends and family members of former residents. There are several reasons why GreeneStone Muskoka gets such exceptional reviews.

Every Resident Is Treated Like an Individual

Something positive that can be found in a GreeneStone Muskoka review is that every resident is treated like an individual. The 36 people who can be in GreeneStone at any one time are each following a custom treatment plan developed by professionals. The needs of each person are carefully monitored and fulfilled. This individualized treatment of each person creates a positive and meaningful experience during recovery.

Treatment Methods Are Based On Science

The treatment methods used at GreeneStone are all based on real science. This garners positive reviews from previous residents. All of the techniques from motivational interviews and 12-step programs to cognitive behavioral therapy have an actual scientific basis. This means that all the treatments have real value to the residents and will help to overcome addiction.

Residents Can Access Long-Term Support

Recovery is an ongoing process that will continue even after leaving the inpatient program. GreeneStone Muskoka has integrated long-term support into the overall strategy of the treatment program. A good greenestone muskoka reviews shows that aftercare and outpatient programs can continue to help for months or years. These support programs can even include counseling and education for family members. This positive commitment to patients sets GreeneStone apart from many other locations.

Quality Lodging and Accommodations

Something that is mentioned in near every GreeneStone Muskoka review is the quality of the lodging and accommodations. The buildings are located on a large property with views of the nearby lake and forests. The rooms are designed for comfort and relaxation. Residents have many options for outdoor entertainment. The entire location feels very natural, inviting and safe. This is especially important for anyone who is going through recovery.

Focus on Mental and Physical Health

There is a complete focus on mental and physical health at GreeneStone Muskoka. The professionals are not just treating an addiction. They are treating underlying causes and physical changes as well. The daily schedule for residents includes activities like meditation and yoga. There is a restaurant serving nutritious food every day. This focus on mental and physical health prepares residents to return to a normal life free from addiction. 

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